LOHAUS Shanghai Chinese New Year 2015It’s been another exciting year at LOHAUS and we’d like to share with you our picks for the top seven events and initiatives of the just-ended Year of the Horse. We also look ahead to the rest of 2015, which in the Chinese lunar calendar is the Year of the Goat. Speaking of which, check out our special 2015 Chinese New  Year Tangram-edition logo featuring, naturally, a goat (And see our Year of the Horse logo and 2013 yearly review here). These initiatives are all important to us, so in no particular order, here they are, the top seven:

LOHAUS Inspirational Speakers Series

In 2014 we had a hugely successful  run of events featuring inspirational coaches, corporate trainers, and people with an inspiring story to tell.These events followed an interactive format, about an hour each plus extensive Q&A and discussion time. Too numerous to describe them all here, the events are all on the LOHAUS meetup. We learned, for example, about the importance of dance and movement to creativity with husband and wife team Fionn and Cheri Wright; heard an authentic and uplifting talk on the trials and triumphs of the Suited Monk, Raf Adams, as he built his business and brand in China; and understood the importance of digestive health to mind and body in the amusingly titled Reframing Poo, with health and wellness practitioner Amena Lee Schlaikjer. There were so many more including Jeff Tan of REV,  Kimberly Ashton  from Sprout Lifestyles, futurist and media expert Gaurav Mishra, corporate trainers Jerel Bonner, Mario Cavolo, Miles Lafferty, Michael Adick, and Warwick John Fahy, and the whole series started with Brain Tam of Let’s Make Great who talked about the Future of Work. Here is a collection of photos from the events:

Many of the great speakers at the 2014 LOHAUS Inspirational Speakers Series.

Many of the great speakers at the 2014 LOHAUS Inspirational Speakers Series.


The Shanghai Forum @ LOHAUS

Our second major series of events is called the Shanghai Forum, and it technically started way back in 2012 but 2014 was its best year yet, hosting nearly two dozen events with many excellent speakers. Nearly every event was a full house with 30 – 50 people and we hosted book talks, economic briefings, industry sector reviews, and information for doing business in China including many cross-cultural seminars and China career development workshops.

Shanghai Forum 2 year anniversary LOHAUS Jason Inch v4a

A series of photos from the Shanghai Forum, clockwise from top left, the very first meeting in December 2012, LOHAUS space manager Andrea Liu, a typical event audience, China Skills Series Co-Host Jerel Bonner, book talk on China’s Super Consumers, and Shanghai Forum founder Jason Inch

In this case, there are definitely too many speakers to list individually but we thank them all for their contribution and thank our participants for making Shanghai Forum one of the best attended and largest meetups in Shanghai. Check out our site on Meetup, the Shanghai Forum, and join for full event listings last year and upcoming events this year!

Other Informative Events at LOHAUS

Each month, LOHAUS hosted  a number of events on special topics ranging from organic food and healthy eating, to photography, design and more. We had a number of great events in the past year but one theme stands out for the number of events hosted and the huge number of people interested: 3D printing.

Here seen printing some models on a MakerBot Replicator II 3D Printer.

Here seen printing some models on a MakerBot Replicator II 3D Printer.

While the technology is still several years from being ubiquitous, we explored ideas with representatives of Shapeways China, a 3D materials researcher, and others who spoke about the future of 3D. In fact our own LOHAUS sustainable manufacturing initiative took the form of exploring and promoting the use of 3D printing for local production: By doing so, you save on costs of inventory and distribution, and in many cases can easily recycle items made from reusable plastic. By producing things on your own or with your local neighborhood 3D printer, you get instant delivery, with no overproduction and less waste on things like packaging. What could be better than getting what you want, when you need it, how you want it? That is the future promise of 3D printing.

Some of the panels in the LOHAUS Shanghai rooftop installation.

Some of the panels in the LOHAUS Shanghai rooftop installation.

LOHAUS Solar Shanghai Initiative

Each year we try to make an impact on urban sustainability with a major initiative. In 2013 it was our promotion of LED lighting for energy efficiency and home cost savings. In 2014, it was the Solar Shanghai Initiative. Around April 2014, LOHAUS became the first building in downtown Shanghai to have grid-connected solar panels installed on its rooftop. For a city of more than 20 million, this was surprising, but the official policy from China’s energy regulator went into effect only a short while earlier so we were basically first in line. Not only that, given that LOHAUS is housed in a 1930s era former residential structure, we also became the oldest building in the city, probably in all of China, to do so.

Founder of LOHAUS Jason Inch  being interviewed by ICS on the launch of the Solar Shanghai project.

Founder of LOHAUS Jason Inch being interviewed by ICS on the launch of the Solar Shanghai project.

We did the project to make a point: China, with Shanghai as just one urban example, is suffering from poor air quality from a combination of coal-generated electricity, factory emissions, and roads crowded with automobiles. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels provide one possible solution, generating clean power from the sun. Although China is the world’s largest producer of solar panels, it is not the world’s largest user of them, and it has been missing its national targets. China nationally has a very low rate of rooftop solar usage as well. Our goal, therefore, was to  show individuals that they too could install a solar power system on their roof, even in an urban area, with a reasonable payback period of 5-7 years. We were overwhelmed with the response from the project. We had media visits from around China, including national broadcaster CCTV, national print agency Xinhua, and literally dozens of local newspapers and TV stations. Our installation was seen by millions. All of this, we believe, has gone a long way to increase awareness of the benefits of rooftop solar PV in China. We consider the initiative our biggest success so far. Here’s a video we made about the process of installing and launching our solar panel installation: (Alternate viewing on YouTube)

Photography and the Local Artist Initiative

Photographer Shen Yunyao

Photographer Shen Yunyao

Another major initiative at LOHAUS is the fostering of new local artists.  In 2013, we featured painter Michelle Yuan, who is in 2014 quickly becoming a national-level artist with showings around China, and illustrator Ake, whose books and manga-style large illustrations are very popular. In 2014 we began working with Shen Yunyao, a young photographer with an interesting story to tell. Like many photographers of his generation, Shen was raised in an affluent urban environment that encourages materialism and lack of rural awareness. Unlike other youths, Shen goes out of his way to capture the changing China, traveling all the way to Tibet where he captures the contrast between China’s economic development and its traditional peoples such as the indigenous Zang.

A sample of Shen's work, here showing the magnificent scenery of the Tibetan Plateau.

A sample of Shen’s work, here showing the magnificent scenery of the Tibetan Plateau.

At  LOHAUS we hosted a series of speaking events for Shen to address the Shanghai community. Over three hundred attended what we called a Tibetan Creation Experience event, Heart of Tibet. During the day there were three rounds of discussion and presentation of his work, and a party afterwards. It was a great turnout and, we hope, will be a launching board for a promising career as a photojournalist and documentarian of China’s culture.

LOHAUS Shanghai book sharing and reuse salonLOHAUS Book Reuse and Sharing Salons

In 2014 we launched a series of events to provide a solution to a common problem: what to do with old books?  Our answer: Host a  monthly salon where people can donate old books for reuse by others and get free coffee and afternoon snacks! While it sounds hard to sustain such an activity, in fact we create a sustainable event by encouraging people to bring only books they love, and write a short comment card telling people why they would like others to read a certain book.  We then resell these very marketable books, each with their own history, at a small price to cover the costs of the event.  People are encouraged to bring three books each time, as long as they are quality books which the reader loves (no old university textbooks, please :P ) With partner Green Initiatives to help promote the event, and  Cambio Coffee to provide premium quality coffee for attendees, it was a great success.  In 2015 we welcome a new partner,  the Book Room Cafe, which will provide delicious afternoon snacks and will be a future host to our monthly salon.

One of our typical book salons -- book reuse, coffee, and chatting.

One of our typical book salons — book reuse, coffee, and chatting.


Seasonal parties and social gatherings

In 2014, we made a commitment to make more social connections and bring people from Shanghai’s diverse communities together. To that end, we hosted a number of themed holiday events, including Christmas and New Year parties, Valentine’s Day, Halloween Haunted Haus, Mid-Autumn Festival and others.  More than just a party, at each event we tried to introduce cultural exchange and ideas with themed decorations, food, music and activities. Some were very popular with 70 or 80 attending, others were smaller and more intimate as people had left for holidays elsewhere. Without exception, each event was special to us and we believe that everyone enjoyed the festivities. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What’s up for 2015?

We’re planning to continue almost all of the initiatives above. The LOHAUS Inspirational Speakers Series will go on a short hiatus, but we will host more Shanghai  Forum events (please join our meetup to be informed of the latest), more promotion of solar energy, and, the biggest news, the launch of the LOHAUS book. To be titled LOHAUS: A Lifestyle of Health and Urban Sustainability, the book will be available in March 2015 in both English and Chinese editions. Find out more about the English edition of the book here. (Click here to read a short outline of the book in Chinese).

If you use WeChat, you can also join our WeChat group to receive the latest events and other announcements directly to your phone. Just scan this from your WeChat application or add our Official Account ID LOHAUS 乐豪斯: LOHAUS微信号 -hi-res   We wish you all a prosperous Year of the Goat! Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese Version

Here’s a Chinese version  of this post if you would like to know more of the details (note it is not a translation, but the headings and main ideas are similar): LOHAUS Shanghai Chinese New Year 2015乐豪斯2014年度回顾比我们走得快的永远是时间,一闭眼一睁眼,2014就悄悄地度过了。 2014对于我们乐豪斯是不平凡的一年,她见证了乐豪斯的快速成长。站在2014的尾巴上,让我们一起回顾一下乐豪斯一年来各式精彩活动。 这是回顾,更是展望。展望未来乐豪斯能给喜欢支持她的朋友们带来更多的惊喜!

  1. 乐豪斯励志讲座系列作为乐豪斯招牌,该系列贯穿了2014一整年,拿她讲起自然再好不过。从三月到十二月,整整九个月来,数十位演讲嘉宾来到乐豪斯,与我们分享他们的对工作、对生活的理解和感悟。其中不乏由于大受欢迎而再次莅临的嘉宾。演讲主题也各有特色,分布各行各业,咨询、酒店、红酒等等相信在2015年,在乐豪斯创始人Jason的带领下,我们将带来更高质量、更受欢迎的励志讲座系列!尽请期待。 LOHAUS Inspirational Speakers Series
  2. 中国好技能系列中国好技能系列是一个致力于提升在中国的你的工作效率的研讨会,它由两位经验丰富并且在中国多年的专家打造,它会告诉你如何了解自己和身边的事物。这些技能也常常在公司培训或者MBA课程中被反复提起。主讲人为Jason Inch和Jerel Bonner。 2014 Shanghai Forum China Skills Series 该系列讲座走的是实用路线,吸引到了一批特定的人群积极参加。通过具有丰富经验的讲者深入浅出的教授,凡是参加过的人们都能满载而归。明天,我们也会打造类似的系列,是大家在在职场、在交际圈游刃有余。
  3. 各式讲座精彩纷呈除了上述系列讲座,我们还会邀请到许多在某一领域有所建树的讲者带来精彩的讲座。诸如上半年的卓越情商系列、幸福关系系列等,以及下半年的中国海外投资系列、跨文化系、3D打印、素食生活、摄影等等。
    Here seen printing some models on a MakerBot Replicator II 3D Printer.

    Here seen printing some models on a MakerBot Replicator II 3D Printer.


  4. LOHAUS Solar Shanghai Initiative可持续项目之太阳能并网2014年4月23日,作为上海健康与可持续发展的创意中心,乐豪斯举行了其上海安装第一个市区并网太阳能发电系统项目的启动仪式。 这意味着乐豪斯成功并网了首户老式建筑上的太阳能发电系统。作为一家致力于健康与城市可持续发展的社会企业,乐豪斯再一次向人们展示了如何使用清能源,如何拥有一个更美好的城市生活!
  5. LOHAUS Shen Yunyao Exhibition心藏——沈云遥西藏摄影展8月2号,乐豪斯与为中国国家地理杂志供图的合作摄影师沈云遥携手,从他个人独特的视角带领大家走进西藏,从心探索以及体验西藏流传千年绝无仅有的以及青藏高原无限壮美的人文和自然景观。此次活动洋房里的每一层都给大家从视觉,听觉,触觉各种感观带来全方位的体验,使大家感受到真正的西藏,仿佛参与到了艺术再创作的过程。并且通过此展进行再思考,关于随心和追梦,获得启发。 LOHAUS Shen Yunyao Exhibition 2 此次活动吸引了超过百人前来参加,更有多家媒体进行了报道。该活动的成功举办也让更多人了解到了乐豪斯,了解到了千里之外西藏的风土人情。相信类似颇具人气的展览在2015年也会呈献给大家。
  6. LOHAUS Shanghai book sharing and reuse salon旧书循环&咖啡社交从十月份开始,乐豪斯开展了旧书循环和咖啡社交,旨在将自己认为有价值的书推荐给大家,并给大家提供了一个聊天、交流的平台。该活动一般在周六举办,至今已逾四期,反响热烈。大家都带来了想推荐大家的书,也读到了一些之前不曾了解的书籍。同时以书为契机,增进了大家的交流,为爱书、支持可持续的人们之间的交流搭起了一个平台。相信在2015年,旧书循环和咖啡社交这一活动将持续地举办下去。 LOHAUS Shanghai book sharing and reuse salon 2
  7. 节庆派对嗨爆乐豪斯节庆派对历来是乐豪斯的一大特色。中秋节、万圣节、光棍节、圣诞节等等,丰富多彩的活动吸引来自世界各地的人们齐聚一堂,在参加丰富的活动中成为朋友。乐豪斯就是要提供给大家这么一个在游戏中结识朋友的机会。今年最后一天,应广大朋友的建议,我们将举办乐豪斯跨年趴,欢迎各位前来乐豪斯共迎2015到来! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2015年乐豪斯的发展是什么呢? 我们计划将上述的乐豪斯发起活动继续下去。乐豪斯励志讲座系列将暂停一小段时间,但是我们会举办更多的上海论坛活动(请加入到我们的meetup获取最及时的活动资讯),我们会继续推广太阳能的使用,并且,最重要的是,我们将发布有关乐豪斯的书,书名就为乐豪斯:健康与城市可持续发展的生活方式,中英文版将同时于2015年3月发布。点击此处先睹为快,获取大纲预览。 如果你想更了解乐豪斯或想参加我们的活动,请看我们的meetup (http://www.meetup.com/ShanghaiForum) 或者加我们的威信: LOHAUS微信号 -hi-res 2014马年未完,2015羊年待续。 祝大家新年快乐!恭喜发财!

2014 LOHAUS Shanghai CNY logoLOHAUS welcomes the Year of the Horse with new initiatives to improve its sustainability, enjoyability and convenience in 2014 for all our friends using the LOHAUS Shanghai space for events, meetings and coworking. It was only eight months ago in June 2013 that LOHAUS made its debut as Shanghai’s first social enterprise for events, meetings and coworking. Since then, we have proved that this innovative social enterprise is not only an enjoyable place to do business in Shanghai, it can also be a sustainable financial model for others to follow. How does LOHAUS implement the social enterprise paradigm? It is inspired by one part lifestyle of health and sustainability and one part Bauhaus, from the German 1920s architectural and design movement that continues to influence people today in new ways. You can learn more about our own philosophy of health and urban sustainability in our LOHAUS Manifesto, but in brief we are a Shanghai-based for-profit corporation that gives 100% of its profits to social impact initiatives. That means all the money earned from our downtown Shanghai building’s event space rentals, meeting room rentals, and co-working desk usage goes to supporting socially important activities such as reducing pollution in Shanghai’s urban environment and improving the health of its residents. Among our major activities in 2013 was the promotion of double-glazed windows, rooftop insulation, and LED lighting as ways to reduce energy use at home and at the office. We use all of these at LOHAUS and encourage others to do the same, thereby causing less electricity to be generated by eastern China’s many coal-fired power plants. For example, in the summer of 2013 LOHAUS switched all of its work lights to LED bulbs and has been enjoying hundreds of RMB in savings each month. We’re on track to recoup our ~7000 RMB investment in LED lightbulbs in about eleven more months.


The LED demonstration wall in LOHAUS compares brightness of LED to traditional incandescent bulbs


Local residents gave up their old CFLs in exchange for new ones plus a free LED bulb from Opple

We also helped our local community to adopt LED lighting with our light bulb swap program last November. This event allowed local residents close to our Yongjia Road location to receive a free Opple LED light bulb  in exchange for bringing in an old non-working CFL bulb for recycling.


A Miss Earth China contestant exchanges light bulbs with a local resident

The event was an outstanding success thanks to partner Miss Earth China who had several of the Miss Earth China contestants onsite to educate and interact with the public. light bulb flower vase 2 smallWe also had help from our friends at Green Drinks China who recycled some of the older incandescent bulbs into amazing decorations for the launch of Green Initiatives.  We plan to host more LED events in 2014. Other improvements we made allowed our visitors to host sustainable meetings and events in Shanghai. Features of our sustainable meeting rooms include:

Seats up to 16 at tables or 25 in classroom layout.

The LOHAUS Hongmu meeting room seats up to 16 at tables or 25 in classroom layout.

  • Insulating and noise-reducing China-grown and locally-manufactured hemp fiber carpets to keep the room warm and comfortable
  • State-of-the-art LED-laser projectors in both of our meeting rooms that maintain their brightness, run more quietly and significantly reduce excess heat, allowing the added benefit of reducing air conditioning costs during all-day meetings
  • Healthy food options for meals from NOSH and Kush, now renamed Pure and Whole.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADozens of companies, organizations and groups of people enjoyed using our LOHAUS event and meeting space in Shanghai in 2013, and 2014 is going to be even better. We welcome several new entrants into the Shanghai social enterprise landscape for meeting and event space, so we are preparing for the competition with even more new benefits and features. This means that 2014 is going to be a great year in terms of new sustainability initiatives, centered around our implementation of a circular economic model for sourcing, usage and recycling of everything that happens in LOHAUS.

A popular drink at LOHAUS last autumn, the Yunnan Spiced Pumpkin Latte using organic pumpkin from Chongming Island

For example, while we continue our policy of using only 100% China-grown coffee beans, we will be introducing several new suppliers this year to show the variety of flavors available from Yunnan’s several coffee growing regions. We also offer only China produced teas and will go even more local by including Longjin green tea from nearby Hangzhou. LOHAUS will be implementing new energy-saving initiatives such as an upgrade of some of its older air conditioners this summer to the most energy-efficient models, allowing LOHAUS to reduce its energy use towards its goal of being a carbon-negative meeting space, and also allowing its members to be more comfortable.

Mario Cavolo played jazz piano and inspired us with personal anecdotes and stories in January's LOHAUS Inspirational Speakers event

Mario Cavolo played jazz piano and inspired us with personal anecdotes and stories in January’s LOHAUS Inspirational Speakers event

Part of LOHAUS’s social enterprise philosophy is connection to the local community. In 2014 we are launching new events for both local and international residents of Shanghai, such as our LOHAUS Inspirational Speakers Series, featuring talks from Shanghai-based coaches and trainers, as well as events such as design forums and sustainable living community groups. We will also have more local artists to display their work at LOHAUS following the successful 2013 shows from artist Michelle Yuan and author/illustrator Ake. LOHAUS continues to host the Shanghai Forum, one of Shanghai’s most popular meetup groups for discussions of China’s business environment and economy, including collaborative events with our partner Green Drinks / Green Initiatives such as China’s sustainable economy.

L'otel lobby

L’otel lobby

Finally, in addition to Green Initiatives and Miss Earth China, LOHAUS joins with a new partner for 2014, L’otel. For visitors to Shanghai who are participating in events at LOHAUS, we now offer special rates at one of L’otel’s comfortable and sustainable hotel rooms for a low-carbon-footprint stay and meeting in Shanghai. 2014 promises to be an interesting and enjoyable year, and we look forward to meeting again with our friends from 2013 and making more new acquaintances in the Year of the Horse. If you want to get in touch with LOHAUS for sustainable event space, creative meeting rooms and coworking in Shanghai, or for any other reason, please contact us.

LOHAUS Shanghai is now hosting monthly speaking events on the theme of inspiration and personal wellness. These are live talks on topics including personal health, wellness and the spirit. Each month, LOHAUS will invite a coach, professional trainer or other person with an amazing story to speak at our #50 Yongjia Road location in downtown Shanghai’s Xuhui District.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis past January LOHAUS launched the Winter 2014 Series with author, coach and public relations professional Mario Cavolo of The Scott Partnership public relations agency in Shanghai. A Shanghai-based businessperson for more than ten years, Mario has written two books (Catalysts to Change and the upcoming China: The Big Lie) and also recently launched Touch, an album of jazz songs.

While speaking about Catalysts to Change, Mario played piano tunes from Touch to accompany the talk. A multifaceted individual, Mario plays piano professionally and is also an in-demand Master of Ceremonies for various events. We at LOHAUS along with a full house of more than 40 guests enjoyed his talk immensely.

P1230113 copyKimberly Ashton LOHAUS Feb 25 - EnglishThe Winter Series of speakers continues on Tuesday February 25 with one of Shanghai’s top personal wellness coaches, Kimberly Ashton from Sprout Lifestyle. Kimberly plans to talk about being healthy in Shanghai, which many find to be increasingly challenging with ever more pollution and food safety issues in the city and in China generally.

We expect another full house as event attendees will receive a special sampling of healthy food and treats from Kimberly’s newly opened Sprout Lifestyle Cafe, so please register early on our meetup site.

Other upcoming events in the series include March’s forum with Brian Tam, founder of innovation consultancy Let’s Make Great!, who will talk about the Future of Work in our interconnected society, and in April we have Jerel Bonner of executive development agency Sharpening Axes to talk about using LinkedIn as a way to increase the power of your personal brand.

Stay tuned for announcements about our Summer 2014 Shanghai Inspirational Speakers Series lineup!

Do you want to be a speaker in the series? Please contact us with a short outline of your talk.


2013 Miss Earth China

LOHAUS is partnering with Miss Earth China, the world’s top beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness and action, to launch Shanghai’s first light bulb recycling and LED replacement program.

Join us on Sunday November 24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to learn about LED light bulbs, and recycle your old, non-working bulbs for working bulbs. The first one hundred attendees also get a new LED bulb to use as well.

At 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 and 1:30 there will be an informational seminar on the 2nd floor of LOHAUS describing the lighting project in more detail, how to understand different LED bulbs, and an opportunity to ask questions and discuss LEDs with others.

light bulb recyclingYou will be able to meet Miss Earth contestants to learn more about LED light bulbs, see our LED demonstration wall and observe various light fixtures all using LED bulbs.

Event date: November 24 (Sunday)

Event time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Address: LOHAUS, 50 Yongjia Road (near South Shaanxi Road) (Click here for map and detailed directions)

Phone for information: 021 – 5212 0268

Check out our video introducing the event on Youku:

Click here for direct link.

If you just want to learn about LEDs, you are also welcome to stop by and participate by attending one of our free seminars.

Limit one recycled light bulb per person. We cannot guarantee that stock will be available matching your exact bulb size and wattage, but you can choose from available options on a first-come-first-served basis until our stock of working light bulbs is depleted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did we create a recycling and swap program?

LOHAUS recently upgraded all of its older incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs to new, energy-efficient LED bulbs. This has allowed LOHAUS to save hundreds of yuan a month in direct electricity costs and more in related savings such as reduced air conditioning during the summer. In doing so, on of the negative byproducts of the upgrade is dozens of light bulbs which are still useful are now sitting in boxes awaiting disposal. Rather than throwing away useful light bulbs, we believe that reusing them elsewhere until their end of their working life is the most appropriate alternative to immediate recycling of the materials.

We found that there were few avenues to donate working light bulbs so we came up with the idea of swapping them directly with the public for their non-working bulbs and then disposing the non-working materials in a safe and appropriate way.

What kind of light bulbs can we replace and recycle in this program?

We have dozens of standard-sized (E27/E26 and E17) incandescent and CFL bulbs in a range of wattages, from 25 W up to 100 W.  If you need one of these bulbs and have a non-working matching bulb, bring it and we can replace it for you with one of our still-working bulbs.

We also have several dozen working halogen spotlights (e.g. MR16), some fluorescent tube lights (T4-T12), and some special-format lights (H butterfly connectors) and more.

Can I donate my own working light bulbs to the project?

Yes! If you believe in LED lighting and want to upgrade your own bulbs to LEDs or are already in the process of upgrading and want to donate your working bulbs to the project, that is also OK, we will swap them with others in the public who need a replacement. Please bring your working light bulbs packed securely in paper or a box marked clearly with the type of bulb (incandescent, CFL, etc), the size (E17, T5 etc) and the wattage (eg. 50 W) so we can exchange them more easily.

Can I give you all my old, non-working bulbs for recycling?

We would love to help recycle all the non-working light bulbs but at this event we have limited space to deal with a large volume, so we ask that you bring only one non-working light bulb. If this event is successful, we will expand the program in the future where a larger recycling option might be possible.

Can I help in some way?

Yes, we welcome help on the project. Are you a light designer, engineer or person already familiar with LED lighting?  You can help us to educate the public by participating in tours of LOHAUS. Are you working for an LED company and want to show your products at LOHAUS? Please contact us about cooperation opportunities. For these and similar inquiries to help, please write to us using the Contact form or email contact “at” LOHAUS.cn



2013 Miss Earth China




light bulb recycling在活动中,地球小姐将与您一起学习LED灯的知识、观赏我们LED灯的展示墙、观察各种不同的灯具。




联系电话:021 – 5212 0268



















On September 24th, Green Drinks China and The Shanghai Forum co-hosted an event at LOHAUS titled “Debate a Debt-Free Monetary System: Can we have a sustainable financial future?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe event was attended by more than 45 people from both GDC and Shanghai Forum. They used several floors at LOHAUS to watch a portion of the video, “Money as Debt” (Part I), followed by a discussion and information sharing.  After this, the group adjourned to the 1st floor for a debate and Q&A


Robert Ward

The debate was lively and interesting, and included as participants a Shanghai-based architect, Robert Ward, who debated on whether the global economy was in fact dependent on a growing indebtedness that will eventually lead to instability and even the possibility of economic collapse. The debate was moderated by Shanghai Forum organizer Jason Inch.

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Here are some other photos from the event:


Globe lights with IKEA LEDARE 2.3 W bulbs to replace 25 W incandescent bulbs – a huge energy savings

On September 10th we introduced the LOHAUS’s LED lighting upgrade project at a special event hosted by the Shanghai LOHAS Eco Meetup Group. Focusing on the use of LED lighting for the home and office, the talk included a tour of LOHAUS’s more than 65 light points that have been switched to LED lighting. This is one of the first old house renovations in Shanghai to include LED as a primary indoor and outdoor lighting choice.

In addition to the LED lighting project and the LED ROI at LOHAUS, the talk also covered:

  • An introduction to LED lighting
  • Overall drawbacks and benefits of LEDs
  • Advice on which manufacturers to choose for LED lighting

We heard that China’s commitment to LED lighting is huge. China has become the world’s leading manufacturer of LEDs yet the vast majority is exported while China itself uses older lighting technologies. So, the question is, how to stimulate domestic demand for LEDs, which are currently quite expensive.

The overhead lights in LOHAUS's meeting rooms are super-bright Philips Master 17W LED bulbs

The overhead lights in LOHAUS’s meeting rooms are super-bright – and warm – Philips Master 17W LED bulbs

For example, some of the LED bulbs used at LOHAUS, such as the Philips Master 12W and 17W bulbs, have retail prices of more than 180 and 290 RMB. While as bright as normal bulbs, they are out of reach of many Chinese consumers budgets. However, it was shown during the presentation that new lines of LEDs, such as the LEDARE line from IKEA, can be much more cost effective.

In retail or outdoor lighting, the cost savings is often the driving factor, but there are different reasons behind considering LED lighting for home and office use. LEDs can eco-friendly, durable, cost effective, reduce ambient heat, and increasingly can offer unique illumination solutions such as changing color intensity depending on the time of day or occupant needs: Bright in the morning, warm and comfortable in the evening.

If you want to learn more about LED lighting in the home and office, visit LOHAUS to see how they are being used. Or just check out this demonstration wall showing the difference:

The LED display wall at LOHAUS shows Philips Master 12 W bulbs along side 25 W incandescent. The difference in brightness and waste heat becomes obvious.

The LED display wall at LOHAUS shows Philips Master 12 W bulbs along side 25 W incandescent. The difference in brightness and waste heat becomes obvious.

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Some photos from the Shanghai Forum’s event on eCommerce and China’s mobile internet opportunities on September 5 held at LOHAUS.

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On September 5th we had another successful business meetup talking about China’s eCommerce and online consumer behavior at LOHAUS’s 1st floor event area.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMore than 50 people attended the event hosted by the Shanghai Forum, an economic and business discussion group that talks about a new macroeconomic topic every month.

Shanghai Forum organizer Jason Inch

Shanghai Forum organizer Jason Inch

The Shanghai Forum organizer, Jason Inch, started by introducing some macro-statistics about China’s Internet, eCommerce, and mobile markets from his upcoming book, China’s Demographic Supertrends, part of the China Supertrends series.

Special guest T.R. HarringtonThen our special guest, T.R. Harrington, an expert in eCommerce and search engine marketing in and outside China and founder of Darwin Marketing, discussed with attendees in an interactive Q&A format his thoughts about China’s eCommerce and mobile development, as well as SEO and SEM strategies. Some of the interesting things discussed included:

  • The importance of an Alibaba-Sina Weibo linkup
  • Why the Baidu-PPS.tv aquisition is needed for Baidu
  • How Alibaba is an overlooked channel in search strategy
  • The keys to a successful mobile strategy in China

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Having presentations, business talks and discussion is actually an easy way to meet and grow your business contacts, and possibly work. Yesterday was a casual relaxed social atmosphere making it fun and enjoyable. Learn strategies to improve your business and see you at the next meetup! For future events of this type, please sign up to the Shanghai Forum.

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More new photos of the interior of the LOHAUS at Yongjia Road Shanghai.