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On September 24th, Green Drinks China and The Shanghai Forum co-hosted an event at LOHAUS titled “Debate a Debt-Free Monetary System: Can we have a sustainable financial future?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe event was attended by more than 45 people from both GDC and Shanghai Forum. They used several floors at LOHAUS to watch a portion of the video, “Money as Debt” (Part I), followed by a discussion and information sharing.  After this, the group adjourned to the 1st floor for a debate and Q&A


Robert Ward

The debate was lively and interesting, and included as participants a Shanghai-based architect, Robert Ward, who debated on whether the global economy was in fact dependent on a growing indebtedness that will eventually lead to instability and even the possibility of economic collapse. The debate was moderated by Shanghai Forum organizer Jason Inch.

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Here are some other photos from the event:


Globe lights with IKEA LEDARE 2.3 W bulbs to replace 25 W incandescent bulbs – a huge energy savings

On September 10th we introduced the LOHAUS’s LED lighting upgrade project at a special event hosted by the Shanghai LOHAS Eco Meetup Group. Focusing on the use of LED lighting for the home and office, the talk included a tour of LOHAUS’s more than 65 light points that have been switched to LED lighting. This is one of the first old house renovations in Shanghai to include LED as a primary indoor and outdoor lighting choice.

In addition to the LED lighting project and the LED ROI at LOHAUS, the talk also covered:

  • An introduction to LED lighting
  • Overall drawbacks and benefits of LEDs
  • Advice on which manufacturers to choose for LED lighting

We heard that China’s commitment to LED lighting is huge. China has become the world’s leading manufacturer of LEDs yet the vast majority is exported while China itself uses older lighting technologies. So, the question is, how to stimulate domestic demand for LEDs, which are currently quite expensive.

The overhead lights in LOHAUS's meeting rooms are super-bright Philips Master 17W LED bulbs

The overhead lights in LOHAUS’s meeting rooms are super-bright – and warm – Philips Master 17W LED bulbs

For example, some of the LED bulbs used at LOHAUS, such as the Philips Master 12W and 17W bulbs, have retail prices of more than 180 and 290 RMB. While as bright as normal bulbs, they are out of reach of many Chinese consumers budgets. However, it was shown during the presentation that new lines of LEDs, such as the LEDARE line from IKEA, can be much more cost effective.

In retail or outdoor lighting, the cost savings is often the driving factor, but there are different reasons behind considering LED lighting for home and office use. LEDs can eco-friendly, durable, cost effective, reduce ambient heat, and increasingly can offer unique illumination solutions such as changing color intensity depending on the time of day or occupant needs: Bright in the morning, warm and comfortable in the evening.

If you want to learn more about LED lighting in the home and office, visit LOHAUS to see how they are being used. Or just check out this demonstration wall showing the difference:

The LED display wall at LOHAUS shows Philips Master 12 W bulbs along side 25 W incandescent. The difference in brightness and waste heat becomes obvious.

The LED display wall at LOHAUS shows Philips Master 12 W bulbs along side 25 W incandescent. The difference in brightness and waste heat becomes obvious.

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